How long does a Lomi Lomi session take? 
Most sessions last one and a half to two hours.

I allow two hours for each session. This gives a person's body time to relax and let go as needed.


What do you wear during a Lomi Lomi session?
For Lomi Lomi massage, bras should not be worn, and if underpants/knickers are to be worn, we will usually provide disposable thongs, as they need to be very brief and will get oily. Ideally, Lomi Lomi massage is performed on a naked body. Please remove all jewellery from areas to be massaged. A Sarong always covers genital area.


Medical conditions:
Please inform us when making your booking if you have any special conditions, injuries, disabilities or if you are pregnant to ensure you receive the most appropriate care. It is recommended that you do not consume alcohol prior to treatment.


Can I take a shower in the studio?

Do you speak German?

Unfortunately my German is very basic, but i speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. 
Soon my German will be reasonable.

Where are the Lomi Lomi sessions held?
Saturdays in the practice and in the rest of the week in my art studio, where you can be more flexible with your booking.

Can a Lomi Lomi ritual be given as a gift voucher?
Yes. What better offer to give to a friend?